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You may be wondering:

The global climate has always been subject to changes over centuries and millennia. Despite this, since the mid-1800s and due to the industrialization process, the temperature has steadily risen due to the emission of greenhouse gases. This long-term change has led to significant changes in climate at both local and global scales.

It represents the achievement of zero net CO2 emissions. Carbon neutrality, also called "zero impact" by MUGO, can be achieved when humanity's greenhouse gas emissions are globally in balance with CO2 removal.

The Paris Agreement defined the limit target of raising the global temperature to +1.5° C, to contain the climate impacts of this overheating. In the event of further increases, these would be unpredictable. At the current rate, global warming would reach (without stopping) +1.5°C by 2040.

Thanks to MUGO, everyone has the possibility to measure, reduce and compensate for their carbon footprint. These are the three steps recommended by the United Nations to achieve carbon neutrality, limiting the increase in global temperature to +1.5°C.


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