Creating the first carbon neutral generation!

MUGO was born to create the first carbon neutral generation. A climate-tech platform to accelerate the fight against climate change by giving everyone the opportunity to understand and reduce their climate impact. We believe that technology is the most accessible means of measuring our actions and making us aware of how much our daily life choices are fundamental for our future.

Where do we come from

MUGO was born from the efforts of a team that decided to take on the greatest challenge of our times and commit to give everyone the opportunity to respond concretely against the threats posed by climate change.


Inspire people and organizations to grow day by day a new awareness: in front of the shelves of a supermarket, in a team meeting, before leaving for a trip or behind an office desk.

Why the name MUGO?

We proudly got our name from the evergreen shrub Pinus Mugo, one of the most efficient plants in absorbing CO2. This is a small tree characteristic of the Italian Alps, which is able to absorb great quantities of CO2. We chose it to represent our startup and its challenging quest: to oppose climate change thanks to the contributions of its community.

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